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The Journal of scientific works “Historical-Legal Problems:  the New Viewpoint” was established as periodic printed edition of government history and law department of Kursk State University in 2008. At the same time “The New Viewpoint”became famous among historians of law. Now its authors are teachers, legal scientists of Russia and neighboring countries. The materials inserted in it give an idea of the main methods in scientific research activities of present-day legal-historians.  Articles are dedicated to the actual problems of historical-legal sciences.

Evaluating some historical phenomenon or process, contemporaries often quilty the haste of “right” solutions that are clear, paradigmatic. In this collection we have tried to collect those scientific studies that break down old stereotypes, give a different interpretation of familiar events, institutions, events. This a new look, a new perspective of current historical and legal problems.

We hope that this publication will help the historians of right to clarify some of the conceptual and scientific and practical conclusions, and it will be useful in practice in the development of curricula, text-books and teaching aids for the National history, History of state and law, in the teaching of theoretical and historical and professional disciplines at law universities.

The journal has been added to the List of Leading Reviewed Academic Journals approved by the Higher Certification Commission, part of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

This edition is for university teaching staff, post-graduate students and students and other authors who are interested in law problems.
The Journal has come out in two views since 2013:  printed and electron.  Email address is in the internet “
“Historical-Legal Problems: The New Viewpoint” is an electron scientific edition registered in Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technology and Mass Medium. The journal accepts the original articles from authors and creative teams working with legal-historians subjects, within scientific specialty 12.00.00 – Jurisprudence.

Access to the publications is free. All material is published by authors’ agreement.
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The Journal founder and editor – Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Kursk State University”.

Periodicity of the journal publication is four times a year